Specialized Manpower Supplies -Oil & Gas Sector
Material Supplies to power Generating Sector

Specialized Manpower Supplies -Oil & Gas Sector

Supply of specialized Manpower to Oilfield Companies both Onshore & Offshore.  Our present staffs are working under sub-contract to ADNOC group of companies such as ADMA-OPCO, ADGAS, ZADCO, BUNDUQ and TOTAL FINA ELF in various positions such as Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Operators and skilled Helpers in various disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Production as well as HSE.

Al Melehy’s system of supplying manpower is based on a classified computer data program being updated every 45 days for availability and includes a considerable number of specialized candidates of more than 10 nationalities such as from United Kingdom, United States of America, Algeria, Germany, Poland, India, Egypt, Romania, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.  In addition to a complete agency communication with each of the above countries to support supply of experienced  fresh candidates  in case of shortage in our data bank to cover any specific  requirements.

Our above mentioned concept of organization enables us to quote and supply each manpower service required exactly as specified  for any of your requirements, after carefully screening and choosing our best staff for submission and with best competitive prices.

Material Supplies to power Generating Sector

Al Melehy Trading Company holds agencies and Collaborate agreement with reputable and leading suppliers. 

SulzerElbar,  as the leaders in Turbine Technology, provides field service support on Turbines in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.  The services provided ranged from simple boroscope inspections through to major overhauls.  The field service is fully backed up with Sulzer Elabrs ability to refurbished or repair damage identified during  the overhaul – this acts as contingency.  The latest project has involved the V94.1 gas turbine major overhaul, including the rotor  de-stack and refurbishment of the blading.  As the sole agents for Sulzer Elbar in the UAE, Al Melehy maintains very good business relations with all  leading power generating companies in the UAE such as ADWEA, DEWA, SEWA, FEWA and DUBAL. 

Donaldson, Belgium  Manufacturers
of Spider web filter media, Conical and cylindrical filters for Gas
Turbine Filtration System.  Improves filter performance in all environments.  Protects your turbine investment, reduces turbine operating cost, extends filter service intervals.  As the sole agents  for Messers Donaldson, in the UAE, Al Melehy has a very good track record within the power generating sector in the UAE. 

We also provide the following products from the manufacturer to the end users in the Oil/Gas –
Power generating sector.

Industrial valves, general & suitable for sour services, ball, gate, piston type, butterfly, globe and check type.

Electrical Cables, Instrument cables, Telecommunication cables, specialized cables and thermocouple cables manufactured to international standards.